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Fight Chix started 10 Years ago in 2006, with the idea of providing female fans and fighters with their own identity in a male dominated sport.  This was back when Dana White said women would never fight in the UFC, back when Shannon Knapp was working various positions within the IFL, back when Ronda Rousey was competing in judo, and Miesha Tate was still wrestling in college.

Fast forward to 2016 and Ronda Rousey is the highest paid fighter in the UFC, flying on private jets with Dana White and shooting movies. Shannon Knapp is the owner of Invicta FC the all women’s promotion. And Miesha Tate will be fighting Holly Holm for the UFC title on March 5th.

Fight Chix has grown into one of the most well established MMA brands. but let us not forget we are women’s empowerment brand as well. We have always been a brand that cares about one’s goals and challenges in life. Our focus is to help women (and men) grow as individual’s to reach their fullest potential. We continue to support all of you: the fighters, all athletes, jiu jitsu players, goal setters, etc. and the various charities we support through the sale of our apparel.

Fight Chix Founder and CEO Elisabeth Nuesser has over 15 years experience in the hair and make up industry. She has overseen the hair, make up, and styling of all the Fight Chix shoots and fashion shows, she runs a successful hair business as well as being a key player in a huge wedding company in Chicago called Diem Angie Hair & Makeup. For our Fight Chix 10 Year Anniversary, we are expanding and now offering to include a world leading premiere skin care line Rodan + Fields. FightChix has experienced through talking with our athletes that are in the gym constantly, traveling, or people who have underling skin issues, etc. Having healthy skin and healthy body care is very important. Teaming up with R+F skincare products is great because we can essentially work all Elisabeth’s passions in one. Making people look good, feel better, and feel empowered. This is a marriage of two of Elisabeth’s loves, Fight Chix and the Beauty industry.

About Rodan + Fields

Founded by world-renowned dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, Rodan + Fields® puts the power of dermatology-based skincare in your hands, using a highly effective social commerce business model.

With Rodan + Fields, looking good and feeling confident has never been easier and it’s all possible without a trip to the dermatologist’s office.

Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields founded Rodan + Fields® in 2002 to pursue a line of clinically proven, dermatology-based anti-aging products.

Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields maintain their private clinical practices in the San Francisco Bay Area and serve as adjunct clinical professors of dermatology at Stanford University, where they both completed their dermatology residency.

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Here is a message from Elisabeth:

My Why?

In the last year I’ve gone through some major soul searching. My mother-in-law lost her battle with breast cancer in the month of January 2 years ago, my Mother was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer shortly after her (Thankfully she is in remission now) however both my parents health issues have still steadily declined. My Father who is a diabetic underwent quadruple bypass surgery this last September and is primarily wheelchair bound and requires in-home care. At the exact same time our daughter Justyne had suffered severe injuries from an incident. All of the above health issues have grown recently. I started to really take a look at life very differently and remember that family ALWAYS comes first. I took a step back and re-assessed how delicate life is and living each of my days to the fullest.

Following my highest excitement and allowing myself to expand outside of my comfort zone this year was something I wanted to achieve personally. While going through this daily journey I was looking for other ways to help support my parents. I reflected on the thought that I would not be the woman I am today without their help throughout my life. My Father is my Hero, the strongest man I know. Battling Polio in Germany as a child growing up, learning to speak English through reading words in books and sounding out vowels after his family moved to the US after World War II, to my Mother and him starting our family Plumbing business which started out of a shed in our backyard all while raising 7 of us children. (My 2nd oldest brother is now the owner and running it 40 years later). God threw my 1st big curve ball early in life, I became a young teenage mother, my parents helped me through it all. Taking on one of the most difficult challenges I had ever faced yet, they stood by me.

After high school I followed my first dedicated passions in life and that was being a hair artist. I have always been artistically driven and have a strong entrepreneurial heart. Starting Fight Chix was my next passion and my love for MMA and supporting our female fighters and fans has been one of the most beautiful blessings and the most heart breaking of sacrifices I have humanly endured as a small business owner. With everything that has surfaced in my personal life, combining this new opportunity and how wonderful the universe energetically connected me this month to one of my closest childhood friends Nikki Voss-Christensen I decided to pursue this. I have been using the REDEFINE regimen for a few years now and my skin has never looked or felt this good ever. I believe in these products and the mission of the company. Joining Fight Chix and selling Rodan and Fields products is going to allow me to help my parents and Give back.  I Am a Fighter at heart, I Am FIGHTCHIX, and I Am Empowering Women Worldwide through my past, and through my most current story. I will continue to be Strong while facing every challenge head on.

Thank You to everyone who has and continues to support me. I Am truly Grateful! -Elisabeth xxoo

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