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A Thank You, from the Owners of Fight Chix

Thank you

Elisabeth and I started Fight Chix in 2006. We were newly married, a family of 4 and trying to make ends meet. We had a passion for the sport of MMA and took a chance at starting a clothing line that we launched at Total Fight Challenge in the Chicagoland area.

We grew the company through social media (myspace, twitter, facebook, etc) And our unique designs and niche in the industry quickly had us being called the female version of TapouT. We prided ourselves on our rock solid reputation and always putting the fighters and athletes we worked with as a top priority. We have relationships to this day that were born from those humble beginnings.

As fans of the sport we have memories of the early days of MMA that we will forever treasure. Some great ones include countless local MMA shows, charity fashion shows, and UFC Fan Expos (pre Reebok) where we got to interact with fans of the brand and the sport we love. We had the luxury of seeing many UFCs live and if we weren't live we would host viewing parties. We traveled to cool places for events like Vegas, Toronto, Boston, Houston, Dallas, Florida and many others.

We had success. International distribution of our brand. A successful e-commerce platform. A nomination for best lifestyle brand for the World MMA Awards.

We had help. Our parents would watch our kids when we would travel. We got love and acceptance from competitors like TapouT, Toe2Toe, Ranger Up and others who we all became friends with. We learned so much along the way about the business and ourselves.

Most of all, we want to thank you. All the people who supported the brand and our journey, we love you.

What's next? Well the Fight Chix site will be shutting down in the next month. Jake continues his career as a product designer and Elisabeth has leveled up to being a trauma informed yoga therapist. You can continue to follow her and even work with her at

The last day to shop at Fight Chix will be June 1. June 2nd the store will close. So if you want to grab anything before we move on---hit up